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Rose pruning

Hi, I recently moved a young (c2 years) rose to a new spot. It’s either a Mme Alfred Carriere or Albertine - I can’t remember!

I’m not great with roses and in the past have pruned a rambler or climber badly, reducing the future climbing potential from which it never recovered!

Pls see pic enclosed of this young rose, I don’t think it should be this spindly - how would you suggest pruning it? Just keep a few outer leaders?



  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,437
    That's Mme A Carriere not Albertine...   personally if that was mine, I wouldn't prune it at all... there are one or two yellowing twiggy bits here and there I would cut out, but otherwise it's best to leave these roses to develop and not to be too drastic with them at this stage,... they don't like that, you can prune more in later years... they need time to grow in their own way, leaving on all twiggy growth - except the dead bits as I said...   
    Don't be tempted to try and prune these roses like modern roses... they're actually very easy, and appreciate as little interference from us as possible...

    The spindly look at the base is quite normal for this rose.. plant some Geraniums or somesuch in front if it's bothersome...
    East Anglia, England
  • Thanks!!! 
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