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I'm interested in your experience , Do you have particular plants which flower endlessly throughout summer ?
I'm trying to grow flowers in a particular area which I don't have to keep replacing .I have Sandy soil so sometimes have to add a mulch to keep plants stabilised.it is a large border which at the moment only have couple of azaleas .


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    Sounds as though you have acid soil if you have azaleas. Have you tried digging in lots of manure/leafmould to improve the moisture retentiveness?  You need to get plants that cope with your conditions so some online research into plants that like sandy/acid soil might help.  I don't have those conditions so can't help with choices I'm afraid.
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    I only recently bought Geranium Rozanne ( mid year last year), never got around to putting it in the garden border, even in its pot in partial shade it flowered non stop up to November.
    I can understand why it is so popular. I think there are a few more modern hybrids like her.
    I also got a pretty pale pinky one called Lilac ice, this does not seem as vigorous.
    I believe these are supposed to do alright in most soils?

    Another one (geranium) with a grey sort of soft leaf and pale pink flowers I think is called Mavis Simpson again a repeat long flowering season. It has stayed "green" but gone a bit floppy in the cold, and snow, but is hardy here. We are in the South, I do not know if it is hardy everywhere.

    None of the above are tall they seem to sprawl along and keep flowering off the ends. But you can trim them back mid season so they are neater and they will keep flowering.
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    I have found ox-eye daisies, some heathers, camellias, primulas, and some clematis all flower for a long period.
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    Hardy annuals flower their socks off because they only have one year. Perennials can afford to keep it short because they will be back next year. A mix can give the best of both worlds but I do love achillea for long flowering and daisies and agapanthus.
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    Some penstemon flower all summer and autumn.
    P. 'Garnet' and Raven being two I can vouch for here, and to a slightly lesser extent Hidcote Pink.
    Last year Garnet started flowering on 30 May, paused in July then went on again until Nov.
    Raven flowered right through from 24 June to well into Nov and the last flowers only dropped a couple of weeks ago.

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    Salvias flower for a long time in my garden.
    Dordogne and Norfolk
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    Roses... Especially tough ones like Rosa Rugosa which would be happy in your sandy soil.

    Argyranthemum - the two I put in last year flowered non stop (until the start of this week!)

    Dahlias - when I cut them down to store in November they were still in full flower

  • islanderislander A small island off the west coast of Ireland. Posts: 550
    calendla. I have had  them in flower all winter and one unfolding now. they are a perennial, used to be harvested for their oil . also I have had primulas in flower for months, 
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    Erigeron karvinskianus….   Parahebe 'Avalanche'...  Geranium 'Jean Armour' [an alternative to 'Mavis Simpson'].. and rose 'Kew Gardens'... Petrorhagia 'Pink Starlets' [if you can find it]… 
    ..just a few of my favourites that thrive here in East Anglia, in full sun with sharp drainage... 
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    Thank you all for your suggestions  , ,I know I could have googled this but it isn't the same. I prefer to ask you all for your experiences .it's like nipping to a friends and having the conversation.  
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