Chilli plant

Hi my daughter got me a little xhilli growing kit for my birthday it didnt comw with vwry in deptg instructions so i was just wanting a littlw advice pleaae. It came with a tiny tin can type pot and it's started growing now there are quite a few shoots and they are q couple of inches long, is it ok 2 put it into a bigger pot now? And does it need to be a lot with drainage holes at the bottom? Also how often should I water now it's getting bigger? Thanks in advance for any advice. Ash 


  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 1,360

    Gently turn it out of it's pot, and if you can see roots reaching the edge of the compost then it's ready for a bigger pot.  Choose one with drainage holes, and use compost not garden soil.  Any multipurpose compost that you can get from garden centres, Wilko etc will do.  Water when the top inch or so of compost feels dry and let the water drain through.  If (or when) the roots start to fill the pot again, move it to a bigger one with fresh compost. Keep it in a bright place indoors (near a window, or a conservatory if you have one) until the risk of frost has passed in your area, then it can go outside in the sun and you should get some chillies in the summer.

    Here's a link with some advice for growing chillies (not particularly endorsing this company, it just looked like nice clear instructions).

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