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I planted a bare rooted Hibiscus 4 years ago it has grown well but has never bloomed it is in a sheltered part of the garden against a wall it gets full sun for half the day i feed it liquid feed throughout the growing season , any ideas ?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,626
    You may have been feeding too much nitrogen which promotes leaves but not flowers.

    Try giving it a generous dollop of slow release rose or tomato feed when the first leaf buds start to open.  Then use the same feeds but in liquid form throughout the flowering season.  
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  • DetirerDetirer Posts: 12
    Thanks Obelixx .I will give that a go this year .
  • I'd certainly try Ob's suggestions.  I eventually dug mine ('Sugared almond') up after about 4 years of flowering no-show in an area which only got full sun after midday and moved it to a large plant pot.  The pot was overwintered in a cold greenhouse then moved to the sunniest spot I could find after the last frost in spring.  It flowered for the first time that autumn.
    In my case I think it really needed the extra sun;  Most online cultivation advice is that 'full sun' is a requirement for them to flower in the UK, especially named cultivars some of which appear quite fussy.
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  • DetirerDetirer Posts: 12
    Thanks Bob I was thinking of moving it to another part of the garden hadn't thought about a pot may give that a try. 
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