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Camelia japonica

My boss wants to buy 2 camelias to grow in pots they will be east facing and get the full morning sun last year we had 2 box balls there unfortunately last summer fried them please help with any advice about the risk should i buy them  regards Lester 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 3,871
    Generally, books will normally state an east facing aspect is not ideal due to the rapid thaw in the mornings can spoil the plant, but in reality it doesn't always happen. Grown in pots are more about keeping them in a sheltered spot to avoid harsh winds and maintaining consistent moisture in the soil, especially in the hotter months. Ericaceous compost with grit added in should keep them happy. Try to collect rain water as you will need this supply to water the containers in the summer months. Using tap water longterm would be too alkaline for them.

    The box balls probably didn't fry if you kept them in the same spot. More likely dried up due to lack of water. Containers need watering a lot more in the summer months. Never water them overhead, especially when the sun is out. It is this action that scorch the leaves. Water into the pot area preferably in the late evenings to get the best from the watering. 
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