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I have just ordered a new greenhouse but am unsure whether to lay a solid floor or just a path down the centre and plant into the ground after fertilizing the soil.
Any advice would be most welcome.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,844
    Other members may beg to differ on this but I'm only speaking from my experience as I've done it both ways, and I much prefer the plant in the ground with a path down the middle... mine currently is on patio type paving slabs and it has to be fixed solid otherwise gales will move the structure... I hate it, and would gladly get rid of these awful slabs... I cannot plant in the I can't get the slabs up and too much trouble..

    When I gardened in windy Cornwall, I had a 8 x 6 and got it planted in a ready prepared soil bed and it remained solid.. I think I had the base buried slightly and firmed in if I recall... I had soil borders with a paved path down the middle...  I grew melons and all sorts in the soil... I wish I still had it that way...  best of luck.. 
  • I agree Marlorena. I keep my 10x12 glass cool house busy most of the year because I have the floor beds. Just put out some greens under a makeshift cloch and though they will like sit a while with the cold, we'll have lovely salad greens in Feb. 
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