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Gardening: An uphill struggle



  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 2,806
    I think if you should take a keen interest in plants and gardening, which may develop over time, then you might reconsider the position of your washing line, as at the moment it dominates your garden, going right across diagonally.. I would find it difficult to plant a garden with that in the way, but of course we all like to hang our washing out... I replaced mine with one of those whirly things which I can remove from the spike and hide in the shed when not in use...
  • HexagonHexagon Posts: 1,059
    edited April 2019
    How are you getting on with your garden design, @siananigans ?
    I like seeing transformation pics!
    The first thing I'm likely to have done is paint the fence and shed the same colour.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 5,508
    Spookily, l was watching an old Real Gardens episode last night, where there was a Cotswold garden that reminded me of this thread. How is it going @siananigans ?
    Don't worry if progress isn't what you had hoped for !  :)
  • We've decided to just leave the garden pretty much as is this year and see what comes up so we can decide what to keep and what not.
    I'd be interested to watch that episode, was it online or a catch up channel at all? 
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 5,508
    edited April 2019
    It's on TV channel called "Together" @siananigans
    It's a few years old (you can tell by how young Monty & co look !), but it may give you some ideas. There are all sizes and types of gardens visited.

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