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twisted willow green curls

Hi I bought a twisted willow green curls from home base a couple of years ago and had to plant it quickly so it's not in a good place. I now have to move it but I can't find any info on the particular strain of twisted willow. Has anyone else heard of it? it says is will grow 6m x 3m and plant in full sun.



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  • We have a twisted willow tree growing in our garden, which I bought as a 5 foot sapling 25 years ago. - I don't have a more precise name for it.I have taken cuttings from it that I pot up - this potted example is just a few months old.
    Does your twisted green willow curls look similar lin?
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    The most important thing for twisted willows is to have plenty of moisture at their feet.   The one we had in Belgium was planted in a corner next to the lowest end of a large, sloping, arable field and was constantly moist.  The cutting I have brought here as a small 6' plant, is now planted in the shallow end of an unlined pond so it will be able to seek out moisture during the inevitable droughts.   They can grow huge when happy or curl up and dry out when not.
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