I got mine from dtbrown.co.uk. I grow tomatoes, pea's, sweetcorn, pumpkins, carrots and swede. They all grew but except the carrots. But not very well. expet the swede's are growning really well everything else is very small in height.

Thinking of trying a different site next year, Where did you get yours from and how did they grow?


  • I get my seeds for free from my workplace from High rigg. Them our old seeds them give away

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    I had some from dt browns. The delivery was quick and the germination was fine. After that its up to the gardener and the conditions.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    I have a mixture which were free on gardening magazines and lots of old seeds from previous years. My last purchases were from Marshalls and Terwins. Terwins because they are local to where I live in Suffolk.

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    I buy from moreveg, simplyseed and jungleseeds, save my own peppers, chillies, toms, peas and beans. Got some from the seed swap thread and had others left over from previous years. Some from Aldi, Lidl and gardening mags. 

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    I wait until a bit later in the year and most GC's push their seed prices right down, this year all of my allotment veg is from 50p reduced packets from the end of last summer (later reduced to 10p). Wilko's and the other low cost stores mentioned already are great too.

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    Sutton Wilko,s or free in my gardening Mag they all grow I think that if you start all seeds off indoors on a plate with wet kitchen paper in a warm light place then transfer them once they start to grow into warm soil in there trays, all mine grow great guns.this way the small greenhouse I have is full of full trays of growing seeds, parsnips carrots and toms I do the same way and no thinning out.  

  • I got all of mine from eBay! 3 types of pumpkin crown prince, baby bear and Atlantic. Runner beans Scarlett emperor and another I don't remember and my Black Russian seeds. All have been v good cant praise the tomatoes enough they have cropped heavily and are looking good ( I plant outside)

  • I got my seeds from all over th place but this year i did but in some allready grown veg due to a later start for me then normal.

    my tomatoa have cropped very heavy and they are also outside stacey but they just do not want to turn red .....

  • Mine are just turning red now! I'm hoping the rain and warmth we are getting ATM doesn't bring on the dreaded b@£&#t ( won't say the name lol)

  • I got my dahila and amaranthus from last years flowers in my garden, I got my poppy seeds fron next door,  (we regularly swap seeds, flowers fruit and veg )my other neighbour gave me  2 packets of love-in a mist and Aubrita from her free seeds  with Shreded wheat.  In  return i take her sweetpeas every few days.    My marigolds from my mum-in-law- 5 packets of DT brown seeds free with the Kitchen Garden magazine and free gloves and potato kit and 5 seeds all in the same issue.  I had Cosmo Purity from GW Mag, I also bought seeds from Thompson and Morgan and Mr Fothergills.  I once raid in GW that a generous gardner is never poor.  I totally agree, I have made new firends, kept in touch with the neighbours shared advice, tips and produce,and got a huge amount of pleasure from the garden. 


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    We have a shop on our allotments which bulk buys Kings seeds, so they can sell them for half the retail price. Otherwise I get seeds that come with magazines or I buy from gardening shows.

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    Hi we used Kings catalog and got a good discount as we theywere ordering for 13 allotmenteers they we had no complaints from anyone and we were the only ones who tried Winston spuds and the were simply horrible the rest ok,has anybody tried Atlantic Kidney (Jersey Royals im told) id be interested how they were, oh an Charlotte seems to be the winner this year with most of us here in Tenby S/Wales

    good luck Alan4711
  • Amandathe panda my cosmos purity was from gw mag as well.... It's pink!!!!

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    Maybe your ground needs fertalizing. Do you feed regularly and add compost to ground?

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • Can recommend Kings Seeds - especially if you are in a club/allotment seed scheme when the price is discounted

  • I get most of mine when Wyevale reduces them at the end of the season i think they eventually went right down to 50p a packet. And on magazines of course.

  • The real seed catalogue, magazines, organic gardening catalogue, allotment shop.  

    My OH loves the brown envelopes that the real seed catalogue send their heritage seeds out in.  And I would admit that the produce had a better flavour.  I was impressed with the crop we got from the telephone pea.

  • I like Sarah Raven for bulbs and I like Fothergills for seeds. image

  • most of mine where sved from last years crops.. only bought in celery this year to try it... and purple radish ones.

  • Local gdn ctr sells this yrs seeds 1/2 price so always buy them for next yrs sowings.

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