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New wildlife pond/ Garden.

We are currently under going a full garden make over in our TINY garden everything has been removed apart from the small wildlife area. It was and still will be very wildlife friendly with lots of planting. Slugs snails we don’t discriminate all are welcome. We have a tiny pond that we put in a couple of years ago. We have got huge enjoyment from it, and this was the catalyst to us wanting to change the garden with a wildlife pond / area being the main feature. In the small pond we have / had lots of frogs who would spawn, behind the pond is a log pile. So we are now currently creating luxury accommodation for all of the above to hopefully enjoy. We have dug a larger pond closer to the house to we can get maximum enjoyment from it. Two sides are straight but the other two are going to be shelved going into a densely planted area/ log pile. Where the small pond is currently located that area will be turfed along flower beds We are going to transfer the contents of the old pond to the new pond and relocate the log pile which I am extremely nervous about as I’m sure there will some frogs in there. How would you go about the move? We still have lots to do before we do this but I’m concious that it won’t be that long till the spawning starts and ideally the transfer would be done defore then. If they haven’t got cross and abandoned me! I have enclosed some pictures. The whole garden is being changed, it is extreamly daunting but hopefully will be worth it.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,015
    Hi Peter - that's going to be a great result when you get it finished.  :)
    I wouldn't worry too much about moving your existing lodgers and their habitat. They'll find the new accomodation quite easily.  ;)
    The pond contents can be shifted into large buckets/trugs etc - anything which is reasonably deep and holds water. scoop out as much as you can of the bottom of the pond too. If you can leave the existing pond in situ for a little while until the new one is ready, anything left will make it's way in. Once they get used to thenew spot, you can fill in and renovate the old pond.
    The log pile is the same - do it carefully, and have other little places for frogs to shelter while the new area is being prepared. 
    Generally speaking, if you disturb any creatures, they'll find a place to shelter until the new pond and it's surroundings are available.  :)
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  • Valley GardenerValley Gardener Rhondda ValleyPosts: 2,691
    What a great project! I am so envious that you can see your pond as you sit in comfort!

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  • lovegardening77lovegardening77 Berkshire Posts: 332
    Looking good, please keep the progress photos coming😀.

  • Valley GardenerValley Gardener Rhondda ValleyPosts: 2,691
    Have you done any more @Peter531 ?
    The whole truth is an instrument that can only be played by an expert.
  • Yes we have just added some more pictures. Under pond update. We didn’t realise we had two usernames  :confused:
  • Here are a couple of pictures of the pond we started in January.What a difference a few months make,the pond is full of frogs froglets and tadpoles and we did see a newt. The birds love the shallow edge you can set your watch by the 2 pigeons that arrive at teatime 😁 .
  • matt_fendermatt_fender Posts: 169
    Looks great!
  • BenCottoBenCotto RutlandPosts: 4,044
    Love the wildlife-friendly woodpile. Your pond looks beautifully clear.
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