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Lion/Tiger poo cat repellent


Does anyone have experience of using lion or tiger poo pellets as a cat repellent in their garden? I have a real cat problem from neighbours cats and have tried many remedies, but none seem to really work. Someone recommended these pellets, saying they were the best thing to ward off unwanted cats - does anyone agree/disagree? My other question is whether the pellets are harmful to dogs? We have an 8-month old Jack Russell puppy who is my daughters pride & joy, so I would hate her to eat something she shouldn't! (the dog, not my daughter, although I don't want my daughter to eat something she shouldn't either!! - you know what I mean!! :)


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,731
    Hi TyCerrig. I thought that 'big cat' poo was generally used as a deer repellant. If your Jack Russell is anything like the Corgi we once owned he will delight in rolling in the stuff but good luck with your query.
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  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,629
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    It worked for me, unquestionably, but I did start to resent paying the price to keep other peoples cats off my garden... this was before I got a dog, so now I don't use it,  I do not know if it's harmful to pets or not...  

    You need to spread it quite thickly and allow for 2 or 3 weeks before taking full effect, during which time cats may try to compete with it...  but get the message and disappear from your garden... I found the deterrent lasted longer than 6 months, even a year or so before cats started to work there way back in again...

    My dog is very useful but also destructive.... he digs pits, big ones, and he hates cats.. I think he does this to mimic the action of cats as if to say, there's a  bigger one living here - be warned -... he also leaves his scent all around the garden where cats used to come in.. he knows they still lurk... in the process he is inclined to dig up and discharge across the garden young bare root roses I have just planted... I've lost 3 or 4 to him over the years...
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  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 12,387
    I'd have thought that once your puppy has grown a bit, the cats will stop visiting your garden. The downside is that you will have dog poo instead and he will destroy your lawn.
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  • That's actually another point - our puppy is a bitch who has recently be neutered, so does this mean she should no longer ruin the lawn when she wees or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,731
    I think the urine will still burn the grass - neutered or not.
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  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,723
    Wishful thinking I'm afraid. short of running round after her with a watering can to dilute it the lawns going to get patches.
  • What we do to keep our kids happy! Still, she's a lovely little dog and I've always got the allotment!
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,731
    It sounds as though you have the best of both worlds there TyCerrig
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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,859
    another £1 for me.
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