ficus gingseng problem

This is my bonzai tree. As you can see the foliage is sparse and on a couple of long stalks. Is there a way to make this more compact and dense? If i cut the 2 top stalks off will more leaves grow out the stem?

Thanks for any help


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 16,256
    If you cut off all the leaves there will be nothing feeding the plant.  Better to cut back in stages to stimulate new growth below.  Try trimming each leaf stalk by half and see if that produces results.

    You'll need to be patient and you also need to get its temperature, light levels and feeding correct.   Have a read of the info on this page to see if that helps -

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  • Thanks for comment. Thing is most of the leaves are at the end of single stalks so its difficult to cut off just some leaves. I can try removing the 2 big ones and leaving the small little one. Im ttaking it to work where it should get more heat and light.
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