Help choosing a Clematis to grow with my climbing rose.

Uncle MortUncle Mort Posts: 33
I have just planted Rosa Bathsheba, it is situated next to my front door and will be tied in to a trellis , approx 10 feet high. The situation is east facing and the soils is loam.

My question is can I have suggestions for a Clematis variety which will accompany Bathsheba that will add interest and colour that will not clash with the Apricot pink colour of its flowers.

I adore flowers but not always great choosing the right colour combinations.

I like Clematis Fireworks but will the colours clash, plus its a type 2, would I be better with a type 3.

Anyhow I leave it to the wise and experienced members of this forum to help with some great suggestions.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 2,011
    I have 'Bathsheba', the 10 foot high trellis is a good idea but it's capable of spreading too so I hope your trellis isn't too narrow.. the long canes are thin and flexible with few thorns,  and benefit from sideways training if space is available..

    The obvious colour to mix with an apricot/yellow rose is dark blue of which there are many available.  I would choose a group 2.. a group 3 can be too much for the rose in the early years and will just swamp it..

    My own preference is one called 'The Vagabond'... it flowers right down to the base, and continues to extend it's growth at the top and bloom after the first flush in May/June..'s a nice dark navy colour with a mauve bar down the middle.. and no wilt issues.. but as I say there are so many others to choose from out there.. I don't know 'Fireworks'.. sorry... but it looks awfully pink in photos...  are you sure you want that colour with this?

  • Uncle MortUncle Mort Posts: 33
    Wow, stunning photos, how tall is your specimen and how long have you had it planted in your garden.

    I have seen Fireworks on its own but not with a climbing rose. I agree a dark blue may be better. I have just had a look on Taylor's nursery and they do stock Vagabond. That will certainly be one to consider.

    Thanks for the advising a type 2 being a better choice. I didn't consider that. I have Clematis Polish Spirit and that is quite vigorous.
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 2,011
    Thank you... I've only had 'Bathsheba'  for one full season.. it's about 6 foot tall and likely to take off towards 10 foot this summer... it's strongly scented too, really very nice..

    I should correct my dark blue/navy references as of course they're really on the purple side, but to my eyes the colour looks navy... so that's what I say... 

    I was going to grow a dark blue herbaceous clematis called 'Rooguchi' with 'Bathsheba' but have held off for now..   I have it elsewhere in the garden... it's another good fit I think.. 
    You could grow a group 3 when your rose is at the height you want, by which time it can hold its own... 'Jackmanii superba' is very nice...
  • Personally I think that the smaller flowered herbaceous forms would be better and would complement the rose rather than competing with it.  2 examples are  eriostemon Hendersonii, and Blue Boy, both grow to 6 or 8 ft
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 3,160
    They both look lovely Richard.
  • JemulaJemula Posts: 67
    I have Petit Faucon growing with Crown Princess Margareta.  I think the seed heads on this clematis are particularly beautiful - a lovely silvery colour.
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