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Sowing grass on old periwinkle bed

We'd like to extend our lawn into an area that used to be covered in periwinkle. Last autumn I ripped it all out though stopped short of a deep dig to get the roots out (the area is at least 2x6m and I couldn't face the task!),thinking I could cover it in the hope the periwinkle would eventually die off. Unfortunately this fell off the bottom of my to-do list and now there is not much time until we are able to sow a lawn. Does anyone have ideas for getting rid of the periwinkle in a non-back-breaking way? I am not a fan of weedkillers and would worry about the other plants that dot the area which I would like to keep! I suspect the answer might be just to dig or kill, but hopefully there is a less tiring/invasive solution!
Many thanks! 


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,606
    If you haven't much time then I can only think of digging and weedkiller. If you have time then the area can be covered up for a year. But if you haven't got it all out mowing will probably keep it down if you don't mind having some in the grass.
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  • Once you start regularly mowing, I think things will take care of themselves and it'll die off.  Until then, just keep pulling up any new shoots you see in the sown area, just as you would with any other weeds appearing in a freshly sown lawn.
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  • Thank you for all your comments! I think I will have to just rely on the mowing!
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