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law on planting for screening

My village garden is overlooked on all sides by housing built in the 80’s with scour coloured bricks. At the end of the plot is a particularly ugly gable end which I would dearly like to hide from view. Initially, I planned to put in a row of evergreens (holy oak, arbutus etc) but I’m concerned that these will block out too much south facing sun from the neighbours garden. We don’t exactly see eye to eye and I’m absolutely SURE they will object to whatever I plant so could anyone enlighten me to the law regarding screening and recommend anything I could put in to hide this eyesore that dominates my garden?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,295
    I would go for a different stance. Make your garden so interesting that you don't look at your neighbours' house. I have a ghastly red brick house festooned with external drainage pipes opposite me, I could look at that and find it offensive, so I don't. 

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,353
    Photos would be good.
    It depends on how nice you are and if you want to risk being totally at war with neighbours .

    A useful site to have a read of would be this one.
    There are a lot of situations and scenarios, sometimes makes me sad to see.
    But go with an open mind and hopefully it will help you decide what kind of decision to make, so you will feel comfortable and confident with what you decide to do.

    If you can't take photos then a good description of the gardens and dimensions.
    How large is your plot?
    Sometimes you can screen things by placing something part way up the garden rather than something large and overbearing too close to a boundary. Hard if the garden is small.
  • Thanks for your help Rubytoo (funnily enough, I’m a Ruby too!) I read thro’ the garden law as you advised and there appears to be nothing illegal in planting the evergreens as they are ar least 6ft away from the boundary. I’d really like to put in a copse of three with one holm oak and two deciduous. I’ve ordered the oak this morning and have a Pyrus chanticleer ready to plant so just one more to find. Thanks again and happy gardening!
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