When we moved house in 2016, there was a lovely hydrangea plant blossoming that summer. However in 2017 the hydrangea had some diseases which continued into 2018. I uprooted the plant last week and have just received delivery of  another hydrangea 'You & Me Together'  variety The pot was very dry so I have soaked it in water. Is it alright for me to plant this in the ground now or do I need to leave it in the pot? If I have to leave it in the pot, do I leave it outside or bring it inside?


  • Hi its best to leave it in the pot for now till your soil warms up. if you have a greenhouse or a sheltered spot out of the wind leave it out. If not bring it in if sharp frosts are forecast. I have some in pots positioned in a corner outside and they seem to survive.
  • seyfadesseyfades Posts: 141
    Thank you very happy, I will do that.
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