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please identify the palnts in photos


  • 1) looks like a hardy geranium and 2) looks like Acanthus mollis
    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • Thank you, Bob. 
  •  WHAT PLANT IS THIS? tI planted some fruit seeds but don't know which one is this. Either Peach, plum  or apricot. Leaves being eaten on edges and no  insects noticed. Plant is indoors about 2 and half months old about 5 inches in height. 
  • They are all Prunus family, so have very similar leaves. If you are able to inspect the roots without too much harm caused, you might be able to ID from the stone. Suggest labels next time ;)
    The nibbles round leaf edges are typical of adult vine weevil attack, so have a hunt for the culprits and be on the lookout for the effects of the grubs!
  • Buttercupdays, Labelling is the best way. Try to grow plant from stone for years never worked so last summer without thinking or planning put stones in soil  and i found this in September or early October. Thank you for reply. 
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