2019 - Desired New Plants

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What plants do you want to get in 2019 and why?


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    I've eyed up a few plants I am trying to get my hands on 

    Indigofera Pendula - I have a thing for wisteria / wisteria like flowers laburnums etc and it something a bit different.

    Orange Lupin gladiator or towering inferno - saw lots at Chelsea flower show really nice go with my alliums well

    Echinop Tienschanicum - Big echinop with tennis ball size flowers / architectural

    Hydrangea Strong Annabelle - Not supposed to flop and to go with Veronicastrum Diane and a red sanguisorba another plant on the list. 

    Two Rambling roses - ghislaine de feligonde and maybe Malvern Hills to cover a shed / fence.

    Also after other plants for planting partners - Agastache Blue boa to go with Selinum W - Penstemon Raven for its surrounding companions.

    And other plants just because why not  ;) Brugmansia - Acnistus australis - More canna's - dahlias 

    Ordered the rest of my seeds the other day some I haven't grown before and find interesting - Tropaeolum Speciosum - Digitalis . F . Gigantea / Stewartii very tall foxglove - Maurandya red - Tacca Chanterii Nivea ( bat plant ) - Echinium Wildpretii - Morina longifolia, trying a hertiage tomato Sudduth's strain which is suppused to taste good . 

    Still got the odd space I keep making to fill with different plants but haven't made my mind up yet , I am liking the looks of Artemisia lactiflora and maybe a pericaria but they still remind me of weeds still even though they is some nice varieties. 

    And another Meconopsis , I bought a blue one last year but it come out purple  :/
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    I have Acnistus australis I grew from seed from Chiltern. I raised three plants. Two flowered blue and one white. They were killed by a really hard frost. Then a seedling came up next to the house wall and it flowers white.  I have had no success in taking cuttings off of it.
    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
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    Wow Perki that's some list!  Had to Google most of those. All very pretty indeed.
    I was given for Christmas 3 hellebore plants I'd been lusting after. Harvington hellebore plants do really well in my garden, when others have failed. I now have a Picotee, double Picotee and a double apricot hellebore, all big 2L pots and in bud. My daughter told family members what to buy me basically. They were happy to buy me something l actually wanted and was affordable .
    I would also love to find a plant that my Mum cherished. Mum called it Bachelor's buttons. I now know it's name is ranunculus aconitifolius flora plena. I've never seen it in a nursery, or sold at any of the open gardens/ plant sales l go to. It doesn't grow from seed either. 
    I love agapanthus and have collected many over the years. I saw one called Royal Velvet l might buy myself for my birthday. It was so beautiful in bud before it had begun to unfurl. The buds looked almost like dark purple paint dipped artists brushes. It's flowers were a stunning colour too.
    Mostly though l want to see plants I've been growing on and nurturing flower for the first time, mostly agapanthus that I've grown from seed that l collected from plants l carefully cross pollinated and had to cover up in a muslin bag away from the bees. Also plants that were settling in to their borders last year really flower well this year. 
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    I had a Harvington Hellebore Apricot double on the list but the nursery ran out of stock, think I'll wait to next autumn now . Lots of online sellers for your ranunculas @lilysilly , you can never have to many agapanthus  ;).

    What did you think of the acnistus australis  @fidgetbones , the flowers look on the small side ,  cant remember if they are scented are not ?  
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    No scent to speak of. The flowers are about 3cm long They are in large clusters though.

    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
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    Thanks Perki, l had a little look online after your post. Claire Austin has it, and a couple others will probably have it back in stock soon. I've not been that lucky with plants I've bought online, a couple were different than ordered, though l did get refunds after sending photos. One arrived mouldy and rotten, another took so long to arrive it died in transit, again l did get full refunds. I think I'm jinxed. Where do you buy your plants from online Perki?
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    Thats interesting to know Del -griffith I am surprised I didn't spot them last year, I'll keep an eye out for them this year.

    @lilysilly I never really had any problems with buying plants online I buy from all over the place even ebay, there is quite a few sellers for your ranuculas on just the first page google search , I've not had plant off most of them but for macplants and the plants I got were excellent, the other suppliers are well know bethcattio - claireaustin - hardys plants - plants for shade - ballyroberts  dont know much about penlanperennials but I am sure someone else on the forum has had plants off them before and the rest. I've had plants off  Dorset perennials and Tortworth plants both are worth looking at larch cottage - coblands , woottens also sells it but out of stock, there loads of good plants nursery really I just go with the one which has the most plants i want save on postage. Where about in the country are you Lily ? because a nice little nursery near me called Dove cottage is good.  
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    Good morning Perki, that's a very helpful list of suppliers you've listed, thanks, I will have a good look this evening. I might see if Sarah Raven does it. I would like a salvia Black and Bloom from there and there's usually a free p&p offer next month.
    I'm down in East Devon, so my garden wakes up earlier than many forum members gardens. Although Devon is a little warmer we do get a lot of rain, and where l am some hard ground frosts. 
    I am lucky in that there are some good garden centres and nurseries within a 20 minute drive. My favourite is Otter Nurseries. This is where the hellebore plants came from. They give a 2 year guarantee on all plants , and have a good range of most you could want. 
    My garden is only small and is already very full of my favourites. So I have to think hard before l buy or grow anything new, as to where it will go. I did remove a tired shrub last summer that wasn't worth giving room to, so space for a peony and a rose was created. DA Olivia Rose Austin, an absolutely beautiful rose that l had in a pot and peony Bartzella. So there is space for a new perennial or two .
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    Perki said:
    I've eyed up a few plants I am trying to get my hands on 


    Orange Lupin gladiator or towering inferno - saw lots at Chelsea flower show really nice go with my alliums well

    I had one of those last summer - really pretty, strong plant. I took a few cuttings so hopefully I will have more than one this year. The plant is still green and growing new shoots (it hasn't been too cold here in Surrey yet, but it is still January, not June :) ), so definitely a tough guy :)
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    I grow Salvia Black and blue and Phyllis fancy another nice similar growth habit salvia but white and purple. 

    My lupins have died back now, they were still green when I last looked at them, it has been quite mild so far , been cold the past week though. 
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