Artificial indoor lights for plants?

I'm looking to get a couple of lights for my indoor plants in order to replace the lack of sunshine. Something compact and perhaps LED (if the technology has made it to this area yet?) that I can put on a timer and hang bove the plants?

Any recommendations please?


  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 486
    Ikea sell the plant indoor growing kits which I think are quite expensive or you can buy the light bulbs on their own which makes it cheaper if you can construct a grow station yourself.
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    I brought two of these last year cheap compared to some you can buy but they did the trick for my seedlings grew nice and strong.

      Amazon:  Bespoke Plant Grow Light for Indoor Plants,LED Plant Grow Lamp, 36 LED Chips with Red/Blue Spectrum for Indoor Plants, Adjustable Goose neck (18W)
    about £20
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    LED lights still seem very expensive, although they do use a lot less electricity.
    A proven light is the High Output T5 flourescent tube as used by aquarium keepers - such as myself - they are designed to give good plant growth.
    If you go this route, do get a reflector they make a lot of difference.
    You can keep the tubes just 4-5" above the plant tops which will give them good light.
    I buy mine from this place, but they are widely available including your local tropical fish emporium.
    I use a mix of Tropical and 50:50 Aqua Blue tubes in my tank which will also suit any plants you choose to grow
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  • shooter007shooter007 Posts: 13
    Google hydroponics if you want expensive amazon if not 
  • greenlovegreenlove Posts: 113
    Thank you all. The T5 are quite big so not an option I'm afraid. The plants are in the living room (mini swiss cheese plants). They are in front of the window but considering it's a North facing one they dont get mych light. I need something small and that would look ok in a fairly moden living room and that would give a light boost to the plants.
  • SlumSlum Posts: 187
    There are a huge number of led grow lights available and bulbs which you can put into your own light fitting. Go with one that best fits with your living room.
  • greenlovegreenlove Posts: 113
    Slum said:
    There are a huge number of led grow lights available and bulbs which you can put into your own light fitting. Go with one that best fits with your living room.
    Thank you. Any in particular that you might recommend?
  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 486
    I use these from ikea I didn't think that two would give enough light but it was proven that they do because none of the seedlings bent toward the light but continued to grow straight upward.

    VÄXER LED bulb for cultivation PAR30 E27

  • Hampshire_HogHampshire_Hog UKPosts: 365
    These are the ones I have had great success with in the last few years and have a new set on order @ £20.00. I tried lots of others lamps and bulbs but these are by far the best I have found.

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  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 1,503
    I use a Nonotech T5 Sunblaster tube over my propagator. Not expensive either to buy or run.
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