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What have I done to my lavender?

BerkleyBerkley Posts: 428
Oh dear. What have I done to my French lavender? I was so proud of the healthy plants I had grown from seed (and posted a photo earlier this year). I thought they would be OK near a large window in the garage - but now they look like this. I'm sure there's not much I can do - but have brought them inside .... do you think condensation from the window meant they got damp? I'm so disappointed but want to try again next year.


  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,369
    They look a little stretched leaned? Like the garage does not have quite enough light. And the grey dead-ish ones would indicate they have not had a good enough airflow, a bit stagnant.
    Or have you had freezing temperatures and those grey are the ones that were nearest the window?
    Is that grey one and bits mouldy or dead dryness?

    As fidgetbones said in your past post they are more tender than the  non french types.

    You did so well to grow them , the did look good in your first post. Sorry other than putting them in a cold frame with more light and airflow, so they do not get damp and mouldy. It is difficult if you don't have the equipment to overwinter. You did so well.

    Others will give better ideas.
    I would remove the dead or grey bits.

    Hope your lineria did okay too, fingers crossed.
  • The grey dead looking bits will not come back. You can prune back the others  but only lightly don't go beyond the green growth. They will re-sprout and become more bushy in the spring. 
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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    Can you cobble together a cold frame for them? You could make the walls out of polystyrene - bound to be lots of that around at this time of year and cover the top with a bit of clear polycarbonate or plastic. Or buy a popup cloche?
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  • The soils looks too rich and it looks damp hence the greying/mould and straggliness - cut them down to one third, repot them with a gritty sandy loam soil and water them sparingly over winter. Once new growth appears in spring get them out in the sun but don't let them sit in water - they must have drainage.
  • BerkleyBerkley Posts: 428
    Thanks for all your comments -and yes, Rubytoo, the lineria are doing fine! Bearing in mind all you have said, I think the plants were too close together and too close to the large window .... it hasn't been really cold here in Dorset, the compost mix is really sandy and I haven't overwatered. I think one (and a half?) may survive. Having read the suggestion that I could provide a cold frame I'm tempted to put them in the growhouse I have. I know it isn't necessary to overwinter them indoors, but I could leave my remaining one (and a half) there, couldn't I? They looked so healthy and I'll definitely try again this year. Happy New Gardening Year to you all. 
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