Growing Potato's in Tubs

Merry Christmas to one and all.
Any help as to why I cannot grow Potato's in Pots. I have been trying for 6 years and all I get is a handful (6 decent was the best). I use a potato growing kit with the large supplied pots. Good quality compost from the Garden Center, Potato Fertilizer. The plants grow well and I earth them up. Once the plants wither I turn them out and disappointment. I even tried special New Potatoes for Christmas. Got 8 this time but no bigger than a pickled onion.
I will not give up but just want a decent crop.
Any ideas as to where I am going wrong.   


  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 3,767
    I've never had much success growing them in pots, either. They need quite a lot of water and a lot of richness. I find it much easier to grow them in open ground. 

    Based on the differences I can see, I would say the medium you grow them in is critical. They'll grow in anything, but to produce good spuds as opposed to lots of leaf, probably a soil based compost with a good dollop of rotted manure at the bottom (replicating what I do in a trench - richness under the plant) and sub soil watering regularly and often. Avoid getting the leaves wet. 

    I'm not sure what else you can do except experiment with varieties. Almost certainly there will be some that do better in pots than others.
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  • cornellycornelly Posts: 816
    I have grown potatoes in a very large pot for a few years using a mixture of garden compost with garden soil, giving good results, they do need to be kept well watered,
    what ever potatoes that are left from what are planted in the garden are the ones I grow in the pot.
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 2,361
    I've only grown potatoes in those bag things. They hold alot of soil( I used half compost and half soil with a handful of slow release feed) kept well watered and fed. Don't remember which variety but mid season harvest. From four seed potatoes per bag got about two trays full of small to medium sized. Not a bad haul I thought for my first try.
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    All other things being equal (variety/growing medium/temperature etc) the most usual cause of poor yield with potatoes is lack of water. 
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  • cornellycornelly Posts: 816
    Yes like all container grown plants potatoes need watering often, I also give a weekly feed of liquid fertilizer to ours, when planted soil compost mix about 6 inches below and the same above, then top up with the soil compost mix as they grow
  • Thanks for your replies.
    Maybe I should ditch using Garden Center compost and use my own Compost and
    garden soil as a mix and water more often. I will try again this year and report back.
    Thanks for your advice.
  • I tried the bags - useless - this year I used a plastic recycling box (ex newspaper container) with holes in the bottom - put in a mixture of soil compost and well rotted manure up to about 5 or 6 inches - 4 seed potatoes and then earthed up until the box was only a couple of inches off full - put it on a couple of bricks so the water could run off (don't want them rotting) - they did OK, much better than the cylindrical bags
  • BLTBLT Posts: 525
    I set potatoes to chit today for planting out about mid Feb.. I have tried those potato bags and they are too flimsy and bio degrade before the crop matures.. I used tubs and some heavy duty planters I have used previous years.. I teld to put 6 in a tub etc...I plant up every 2 or 3 weeks another tub..To creare succession.    I even had christmas new potatoes this year ay! but not a big crop...  Happy New Year everyone..

  • Thanks for the comments
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