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Hibernating hedgehogs

Have any members experienced hedgehogs still feeding (from feeding stations) so late in the year? My hog has only missed a couple of night visits so far so hibernating is not on his mind! I keep feeding him with turkey, chicken and veg cat biscuits and he washes it all down with fresh water. It’s not a cat having a feast as the opening and access is too small. I doubt it is rats either as there are no droppings.


  • Take a look at our Help Save Hedgehogs link on Wildlife gardening  - last posted on here 21/22nd December.  I am not sure which part of the u.k. you live in, but according to various members on this site, they too still have active hedgehogs in their vicinity.  I must admit that I don't feed our hogs with meat - just hedgehog biscuits with a little chopped apple and broken peanuts and I have a regular couple each night. I would want to be sure that no other animal was eating your hog food, however as long as the hedgehogs are mature and not under 600 grams then I would suggest you carry on putting out the food and they will hibernate when they are ready.  Be sure to provide some unkempt areas in your garden or an escape route under a hedge/fence or other route for them to wander off to a suitable hibernation spot away from human intervention..
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 4,623
    We have regular visits to our garden during the year, but now all is quiet. That was until today, at dinnertime hubby moved the car to find a hedgehog under it. Obviously not well as layed on it's side ( thought it was dead) then saw it take a breath. Took it inside in a cardboard box, gave it a hot water bottle as was really cold and water. After a couple of hours it was curled up but breathing fast so
    It has gone to a local rescue.  As you said @Guernsey Donkey2 it was too small to hibernate (looked like end of year youngster ) so had come out looking for food, hope it makes it as have said it can come back when weather is warm enough.

  • RubytooRubytoo On the sofa, Southerly aspect.Posts: 1,287
    maisie_mac Hedgehogs tend to leave some crumbly bits as madpenguin ( I think it was) observed on the other thread. We have seen this here too.
    Rats or mice will gather and take it away and as you said you would probably see poops.
    Hogs also will leave poops where they eat, mucky little souls :D
    @purpleralim, poor little thing, so glad you found it. Look at those little claws. Hope he/she makes it fingers crossed Happy Christmas hopefully.

  • Thank you everyone. I live in Sheffield and my garden is not ‘Kew’! The garden is surrounded by mature shrubs, trees, a derelict section, especially for wildlife, and a large fence. However, there are at least three outlets for him to wander through. I don’t live on or near a busy road so he should be safe and happy. I haven’t seen him although I do check nightly the route he has been taking for exercise during earlier months. 
  • FirecrackerFirecracker East Lancashire.Posts: 256
    Our larger Hedgehogs are away for the winter, but we still get a smaller one or two sometimes eating most nights. We see them through the kitchen window in the evening any time from 5 till we go to bed, it's great to see they are getting food when they want it. And yes lots and lots of fresh water.
  • Thanks Firecracker for your comments. I haven’t had sight of any hogs and don’t know if they are from close by or traveling from other gardens. Sometimes the food is cleared, but most of the time now it lasts for a couple of nights. Yes, plenty of fresh water to wash his biscuits down. The weather is so changeable and not too cold so perhaps s/he can’t settle down to hibernate. Fingers crossed s/he will be ok, I wouldn’t like to lose any of them. 
  • FirecrackerFirecracker East Lancashire.Posts: 256
    We caught a glimpse of one last night, we always put food out at night. Even if some food is left it gets cleared by birds (a murmaration of starlings if nothing else) I always hose the area down later.
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 4,623
    The family bought this for me for Christmas. Now will have to organise when and where to put it.😀

  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 10,990
    That's a lovely hedgehog house @purplerallim ! My only concern would be that entrance - is there like a zig zag inside? It just stops foxes etc getting at any hogs inside if so.
  •  Yes that could be a problem AnniD and cats too if the entrance is big enough. It certainly is a lovely house - a very nice Christmas present.
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