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Planting out a fig tree

I have a small potted fig and I want to plant it out in the garden. I know they grow big but how big and how long until it matures sufficiently to produce fruit (assuming it gets sufficient sunlight).

I have plenty of space in the area I am thinking of putting it but just want to know of factors I should be considering.

I am in Cornwall.


  • You should consider restricting the roots as this will enourage it to start fruiting earlier in its life, as well as helping to control overall size.  If you don't, it will just get bigger and bigger and may not produce fruit for many years.  Plant in an aspect giving as much sun as possible and not in ground which gets soggy for any length of time.  More advice on growing figs here:

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    How long before you get fruit depends on the age and development of the fig you want to plant out. This one pictured below was grown from a cutting, is around five years old and has produced some small fruits this year, but nothing edible yet. The original, very prolific tree was 40 years old and as tall as my late mother-in-law’s two-storey house, had to be cut down as its roots were destroying the neighbours patio. So yes, root restriction is indeed essential and not just for fruiting purposes! This baby tree is planted in an old brick doghouse about 90cm3, which gives it enough room to grow but hopefully not romp away too much, I hope...

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  • Thank you for the replies. I will have a think about restricting the roots.

     If I dug a hole 1meter cubed and lined it with bricks I assume it will allow the fig tree to grow to a reasonable size without being too big 
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