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The full sun / partial shade / full shade thing

This concept causes me ongoing indecision!

I want to plant a new Japanese Maple that is not mature but upright and 6’ tall that requires partial shade (Asahi Zuru) but the spot I have is full shade at the base but the upper parts will get dappled sun (on the more shady side) all afternoon and the very top parts will grow into a full sun area (6 hours of full afternoon sun) but this is the topmost leaves.

But the base is by a 6’ fence, north facing, with tall bushes on the south side ... so the soil around the base never gets sun.  

So for a short plant like a fern this is a full shade spot but for a tall thing there is sun coming in to the upper parts.

Does this sound like a good spot?


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,541
    It sounds fine to me
  • Me too.
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  • Imagine where it would grow in it's native conditions. Probably in the shade of taller trees which will protect it's roots, as it grows it will seek out a little light and enjoy the sun as it matures. 
    Just beware of cold winds and hot sun which may cause tips to 'burn back'
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  • Thanks people.  I'm hoping to plant out tomorrow!
  • PhaidraPhaidra Posts: 556
    This is very interesting.  I have a very small maple too for planting; I'll follow the advice here!
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,317
    This often has me stumped too, James, especially as my summer sun can be quite fierce. I have a 10-yr old reddish purple acer in a large pot, its effectively bonsai-ed by the pot as its remained about 3ft for a long time. Still haven’t found the perfect place to plant it out in my newish garden - too much shade and it turns green, too much sun and it fries the leaves. I’ve been moving the pot around and dithering for 18 months now!
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