Buying Grape Vines on line from a reputable nursery in time for Christmas!

Patsy FPatsy F KentPosts: 33
My son has requested that I buy him 2 grape vines for Christmas, but my local nursery has little choice.  I would appreciate recommendations on where to buy them on line, please.


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 19,448
    Haven't use dthem but this nursery has the UK national collection of grapevines so a wide choice and also advice available on the best varieties for given locations and the desire for table or wine grapes -

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  • Hello I got recommended to R V ROGERS  when I was looking for some fruit trees, I can't really comment on quality at the moment as mine are arriving Tuesday can't wait, but they do sell grape vines as well, I bought 2 from Aldi a few years ago a lot cheaper than nurseries but they turned out to be different to what was on label so if your not to fussed about colour or grape go for budget but if you want a specific variety I would go for nursery bit more expensive but I think worth it  
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