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when to replant lily bulbs from pot to ground

I may have already posted this, but just in case!
I grew lilly trees in pots last summer but want to grow them in the ground next year.  Do I leave them in their pots until spring, or get the bulbs out now and dry them and replant in spring?


  • Where are you keeping your pots at present? Are they outside or in a greenhouse. If the latter they should be ok kept in the pot in dry compost. If they are ouside I would be inclined to take them out of the pot, dry them off and keep frost-free before planting out next Spring.
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  • The delay in responding I've got a bit behind on emails my bulbs are currently in a workshop the equivalent of a garage so they're quite dry but still in the pots so I think following from what you said I'll wait leave them as they are and plant them in spring
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