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Sun flowers

Iam in phoenix az i planted some sunflowers a couple months ago i put them in huge pots i have one plant that has i counted 21 individual buds on it is that normal


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,158
    Not unusual in a multi-headed variety so it deends on what you sowed or bought.

    This is a UK based forum with a few European and one or two down-under offshoots and most of us won't be sowing sunflowers of any kind for months yet.   You may do better on a US based forum or else waiting for people here to wake up as it's just after midnight in the UK.

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  • Hello, Valindaelliot,

    Welcome to the GW forum. Your sunflower sounds fascinating, do you have a photograph of it to brighten up our British/ European winter days?

    I once had one with many heads, but that was the result of careless hoeing when I knocked off the main growing point before it flowered.
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