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Ivy damaged wall

Hi Gardeners
Looking for some suggestions on what I could grow over this semi shady wall at back of my house. As you can see I had grown some ivy over the wall but as it was getting quite rampant and has pulled off the render/paint, I pulled it off. I was planning to render/paint the wall again but I thought rather than go to this expense perhaps I could grow something over the area again- but not ivy. It would need to be something manageable.
Any thoughts please?


  • Having seen the damage that planting against a house wall can cause (damp patches on the inside of house), I cannot recommend strongly enough to keep outside house walls bare.  By allowing plants to cover the walls you are preventing the walls from drying out, which encourages inside damp and mould. By all means have a bush or two as long as they are not touching the house walls and so that air can move behind them. Watch out for plant roots interfering with the drain that is shown in this picture Betty.
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,896
    Is that a boiler vent? Probably best to keep that area clear as there's all sorts of risks involved if you don't allow airflow around something like that. Maybe stick to hanging baskets or similar?
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    It is not generally a good idea to attach anything, or grow anything up a rendered wall, as the others have previously advised. I suggest you just paint the render again and then perhaps get a wooden trough with back trellis attached to grow plants in to stand in front of the drain if that's what you are trying to hide.  
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  • The drain isn't a problem or the vent, I can grow something around this or not so far up. As you can see pyracantha on the other side is fine against the wall and not causing a problem. Would take a lot to paint/ rerender so I am thinking maybe more pyracantha?
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    Paint is not just to prettify the house ... it is to protect the render from the effects of the weather. 

    If if you don’t repair and repaint that area you are risking frost and rain damage sooner rather than later. 

    What you plant there should be the least of your worries. My advice is to get the surface of that wall properly reinstated and you’d home protected ASAP. 


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