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Mystery present - anyone understand the Cyrillic alphabet?



  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 6,520
    Obelixx said:
    Cats don't do well on fish tehse days.  It has high levels of arsenic which they can't metabolise so it knckers their kidneys.   Any cat owner will know that most cats that get to about 15 or 16 and start having kidney probelms.   Our new pair receive meat-based food only and occasional treats of cheese............
    [Citation needed]

    Fish doesn't contain a high amount of toxic arsenic as a general rule. If it's fit for human consumption it should be safe enough for pets. Cut out weed killer in the garden before you worry about a few sprats if you want to reduce arsenic exposure. 
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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 71,733
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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 39,116
    B3 said:
    You might catch a mackerel with them. You could knock it on the head with the tin.
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  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 26,200
    The arsenic problem was cited on a BBC programme about keeping pets healthy with correct diet and exercise.  The arsenic levels are indeed negligible for hoomans but build up in cats, hence the epidemic in the last couple of decades of cats losing kidney function.   

    It is worth noting that with very few exceptions in teh wild, cats are meat eaters, not fisherpussies.
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  • Big Blue SkyBig Blue Sky Posts: 645
    edited December 2018
    Picidae said:
    I’ll bet someone can help.

    Our wonderful Italian friends, who seem convinced we do not have food shops in England and i don’t disabuse them, have sent us again a massive box of goodies. I can understand prosecco, tortone, panettone etc but can anyone help with this? Pilchards, caviar? The tin is about 4” across.

    They are not for cats, they are like sardines in oil. Would be too salty for cats. And too oily.

    They are considered somewhat of a delicacy in eastern Europe, so was probably added to the Christmas hamper as a treat. Some people love them, some don't.

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