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A couple questions for a design app project



  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 8,477
    Hi @e.wag, there are certainly enough people on this forum who may well be able to help you, and l appreciate you don't want to be too specific so as not to influence the outcome, but it can be difficult sometimes to answer these sorts of questions if you're not sure what the questioner is looking for. Personally l am of the old school (sorry !) with paper, pencil and tape measure. I have looked into design programmes, and  there are now so many out there, yours would need a stand out from the crowd feature to be commrercially successful. I like the 3d effects , being able to "picture it" from different angles. If you can link to planting suggestions that would be useful for beginners, with possibly a more in depth list for more expert gardeners. The more realistic the better, with different types of brick for walls, for example. Sorry l can't be of more help, hopefully someone who is need of this kind of thing will come along !  :)  
  • e.wage.wag Posts: 6
    Thank you @Hostafan1, @AnniD, and @Del_Griffith for your honesty and input.
    AnniD, you mentioned what would be the closest example to what I want to develop first. I’m reffering to the list of planting suggestions.
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