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Indoor Yucca plant

Can anyone help. I have had this yucca plant for over two years. It’s been in my living room, a light room but not in direct sunlight. It’s been great, however recently the leaves have started to go brown at the tips. Here is a picture. Can anyone suggest anything? 


  • There's a bit of yellowing too, so I suspect it's either running out of nutrients or needs a bit more light, especially over the winter.  Otherwise it looks quite healthy and has obviously been growing strongly so I suggest repotting it into larger pot and moving it nearer the window for a few weeks to see if improves.  The dying leaves won't recover, so just remove them close to the stem to tidy it up.
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  • Brilliant thanks Bob. I really appreciate your help. I’ll do as you suggest and let you know 😊. 
  • @Malibu-meg123, are on the right track with having your plant in a light room but not in direct sunlight,..i have a One Stem Yucca in a well light room,..sunlight in the mornings and part shade in the afternoons,..i do treat it to a very small amount of watering,.. more a spray than a watering,.. and a treat of liquid fertilization  once in 12 months,..i would go by the instructions @BobTheGardener has given as soon as possible.

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