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Succulent help.

Hi all, please could someone offer me some advice. Today the top half of my little succulent plant has fell off. Not by being knocked as far as I'm aware. When I have felt the stem left in the pot it's completely hollow/dry and there are no roots or anything on the head of the plant. It was bought in this pot a few years ago and has been happy, even sprouting a new little shoot. Anyway what would I do with the head now.
This plant hates me watering it so I have to mist with rainwater every month or so. 
Thanks in advance. 


  • The roots have died, possibly from over or under watering.  The good news is the remaining part will probably root if you place it in some fresh, gritty compost.
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  • Hi @BobTheGardener. Thank you for your reply.  After posting I saw another recent thread. They seem to have had the same issue and discovered it was vine weevil.  I checked the compost my succulent was in and there are grubs in there. Can I still repot as you advised and also having brought a few of my tender plants indoors do you think my houseplants (in the same room) could be affected.  Before I start stripping them .
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,906
    If your plant hates being watered then it's probably the fault of the soil not the plant. Try a much more free draining mix or a special cactus compost with added grit. Add a decent layer of grit on top too which will keep water away from the crown and stem.
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  • AndyDeanAndyDean Posts: 157
    I second @wild edges advice. My succulents have been much happier since I started using very gritty compost with a layer of gravel on top, only watering when it seemed completely dry, and then giving a good soak and letting drain thoroughly. 

    I'd certainly try rooting the bit that fell off. I've heard it's best to put it in dry compost to start with, then water (int the same way as I said above) after maybe a week. 
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