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I was brushing the paving this afternoon, turned round and saw some of my Snowdrop "Worronnii" (I think that's right!) are now in bud.  They are always the earliest here but have never been this early before. I can't wait to see them in bloom. They're big Russian ones and quite tall, but unfortunately don't seem to want to spread much although they've been in for years - I love them.


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    Galanthus woronowii is the one you mean. We have G. ewersii Barne's form in flower as it is supposed to be in December, first time in 5 years of growing it.
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    Lovely to have them early like that Lizzie.
    I expect they take a while to build up for flowering Berghill [like other bulbs]  Would that be right, do you think?
    Mine are quite late, even compared with 'ordinary' snowdrops, but I don't know which variety they are as they were a present. They have quite grey foliage.
    I should really get a few different ones, as they're so pretty  :)
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    True, baby bulbs do take a while to build up, but these were bought in flower and have flowered in January every other year since then.
    If you get into Snowdrop collecting then be prepared for some hefty outlay, some of them are incredibly expensive.
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    Only noses appearing here so far, several species and varieties but nothing near flowering
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     I had some Galanthus woronowii the year before last. I had bought them pre packed end of season on offer. I thought a nothing to lose situation to put in a pot or two.
    They were described as snowdrops and the packaging had Holland on as many bulbs do.
    Nothing mentioned on the label of the particular type.

    Thought nothing of it until they came up quite nicely, and had wider leaves.
    I had put a few in the garden near another small group, so took them out.
    I was worried about them crossing, so sorry to say with a degree of regret, I disposed of them.
    They were nice though.

  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,073
    Species Galanthus do not easily cross and if they do you often end up with really nice hybrids. Sad to dig up Snowdrops when there was no real need.
  • RubytooRubytoo On the sofa, Southerly aspect.Posts: 964
    Thanks Berghill, I did not know they do not easily cross. Yes I did it as I said with regret. But still my choice to only have what most people think of as the native species and not whatever they were. :)  Galanthrophile I am not, sorry just call me racist :D

    I know it is hard to stop the flow and cross of English Bluebells which we have and try to keep pure. So felt the same in my ignorance about the Snowdrops.

    I know I may be contrary there are other things I have that are indeed hybrid plants.
    Sorry to take your topic off topic @Lizzie27
    I hope you enjoy your lovely Snowdrops :)
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 2,910
    Thanks Berghill - I always hesitate over that spelling. Am now keeping a list of the Latin names of all my plants, which is getting longer by the day. Do you remember the one snowdrop bulb which sold for over £700 on Ebay a few years back? 

    Rubytoo, I wasn't sure whether they would cross with the other varieties I have either, but will dig them up and perhaps split them when they've finished flowering.
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    If you're worried about them crossing just don't let them seed. 
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 23,427
    Ah - I think I misunderstood you Berghill. I thought you meant they hadn't flowered at all. Do you think the weather this year has made the difference in them flowering earlier?
    I suppose it's like many things - once they become special in some way,it pushes prices up/makes them more desirable etc. Bit like tulips were in ye olden dayes.
    I'd like to have more types, but simply haven't got round to it.
    Oh the devil in me said, go down to the shed
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