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Four weeks ago I stored about 60 Cox apples in a large plastic bucket in my garage on a workbench. Some quite big apples.  All very sweet this year. There is a large window at the back of the garage which is always open to let my cats in. Today I went to get some apples and found only two in the bucket. No sign of animal droppings. Is it conceivable that grey squirrels could have come into the garage and stolen them? Or anything else?  


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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
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    Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum  :) I think squirrels as well, unless any humans are involved !
  • Thanks pansy and anni.  But 60 apples?  Some heavy?  Can squirrels carry a rucksack!

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    More likely a human I would think. Is the open window visible to passersby?
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    I've been watching the squirrel at my parents' place picking up the windfallen cox's apples and running off to store them somewhere. It came back several times in the half hour I was there so I can easily believe it could cache 60 apples in a very short time. I've no idea where a squirrel would hide that many apples though.
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    Nor will he/she have come the hungry depths of winter!
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    Thanks pansy and anni.  But 60 apples?  Some heavy?  Can squirrels carry a rucksack!

    Maybe he had a van..... :D
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  • Fascinating.  Thanks for your many responses. The open window is hidden behind a bush and not visible to passers by. I doubt a human thief. The window is about  four feet above the ground. How high can a badger jump?  Or could it climb up through the bush, which has strong branches? Would a squirrel dare to come into the garage? Do they bury apples?  
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    My money would be on grey squirrels but a fox would be through that window in a flash.
    I've seen both a squirrel and a fox actually picking an apple and running off with it (not together of course!)
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