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White powdered mould on palm trees trunks

Today I have discovered that my palm trees trunks were covered by white powder which looks like a mould. I have wood bark under them and that wood is covered with the same powder. I managed to spray it all out by garden hose. What's best to do now so it doesn't come back?


  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,323
    I don't think it is a mould as such, but maybe spores or mycelium from some kind of fungus.  I cannot quite make it out but was some of it (to the right of the main trunk) like little cup shaped things like an upside down toadstool?
    I would hazard a guess it has come from and spread from the bark.

    Sorry not sure what to do. Keep an eye and remove any bits by hand, I would imagine using a hose would help to make it more damp and possibly spread it if there are still fruiting bodies there.
    Sure you will get more advice soon.
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