Tin Chicken!

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Hi AnniD,

Here's the picture of the decorative tin (I think) chicken I bought at Bath Xmas Market for my sister's presie. It's got a painted/enamelled finish and one of the wings is hinged for a candle to go inside. It's about 24" H x 15" L. I just found out when I unwrapped it that it's actually made in China - no surprise there, but I was a bit disappointed. It's supposed to be weatherproof but I'm a bit doubtful.  I'm thinking of putting some Cadbury's Crème Eggs as a jokey extra.  She gave me a woven willow chicken sculpture for my birthday earlier and managed to persuade the hotel we were staying at to give her a small bowl and a fresh egg to go with it.  So I'm returning the gesture!  We may have started a running theme here.



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    Thanks for posting @Lizzie27 ! It's a lot bigger than l expected. I know what you mean about it being made in China - you always imagine some craftsman around the back of these Christmas markets producing things. It's a very striking thing though. Maybe sugar almonds rather than creme eggs perhaps ? Less "Eastery", if that's even a word.....
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    Get some of that rust cure stuff from Halfords or a good DIY.  Brush it on and you'll get a patina that's more weatherproof.   I've done that with some of my "rusty" ornaments this year and they look a lot better.  Just got my flock of guinea fowl to do for next year.
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    Thanks Obelixx, that's a really useful tip. I presume your "flock" are in fact lifeless?
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    I would prefer if it rusted - which it probably will!
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    The rust ends up looking very dull whereas the patina's effect is subtle and catches light better, especially when the sun is low.

    Lizzie - my flock is from Zimbabwe and lifeless.   Some of the soldering has failed and one or two are also legless so I'll have to fix them.   The things I have patinated are a cat, a cockerel, a big ladybird, a lizard and a frog.   They look much better and no longer stain the wall they sit on when it rains.
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
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    I bought various metal birds and ornaments and found they rotted if left outside, in winter, they are coming in from now on.
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    Obelixx, sounds as though you have a large menagerie there!
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    I've got 2 hens in the garden which I have had for umpteen years. They were made in some part of Africa - came with a little story on the label. They are very sturdy and are rusty which I like. 
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    I quite like the rusty effect as well, Hogweed and I know my sister does too. They like sitting out in the evenings drinking wine, with lots of candles around and wrapped in blankets, which is why I thought the chicken/candle combo might appeal.
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    I love rusty ornaments but didn't like the rusty drips.  The patina'd effect gives me clean rust and I know they won't be quietly rotting away over time.   

    I have a chuck, a cockerel and a cat that all hold tea lights but I also have rusty "baskets" that hold 5 or 6 glass cups in which I can put tea lights or small candles depending on how long I need them to last and a couple of rusty metal hanging lanterns that are good for holding fat citronnelle candles against the bugs.  

    I also have a rusty metal Moroccan frame for a mirror - not placed where birds fly into it - 6 rusty guinea fowl, a brace of herons and another couple of Zimbabwean birds all out in the garden plus a rusty frog and rusty metal bird bath which I have double patinated to stop the brid water getting rusty.   No doubt more will join the menagerie as and when I see something I fancy.  
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
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