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Oriental lily bulbs

Having quite a few pots with Lily bulbs in already I decided to send for some more on-line. received them today opened them up and already sprouting as you can see . Obviously now can't wait until next year so fill some 3 or 4 Litre pots with compost, grit and some of our homemade compost later and then is it ok just to leave them in our cold greenhouse and wait to see them start up next Spring.


  • Your lily bulbs should be fine overwintering in a cold greenhouse.Keep the compost dry until the weather improves and start to water sparingly before hardening off in Spring .
     I stand my pots of summer bulbs on polystyrene sheets and cover them with horticultural fleece as extra protection in my unheated greenhouse. 
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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,023
    They're completely hardy, so no need to keep them undercover unless you want to force them into flower earlier or something.
    Just plant them up and put them somewhere sheltered to protect them from very heavy rain if you get it, which I expect you do! ;)
    Waterlogging is more of an issue than anything. Up on pot feet or similar, and they'll be fine. Mine take anything and everything the weather throws at them, and many are permanently potted.  :)
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  • Many thanks Fairygirl and YorkshireRose I've got a new roll of fleece I found in our shed earlier so will make up my pots and give then wrap them in the fleece, that's if the rain eases a bit in the morning
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