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Strawberries over winter

KweeglyKweegly Posts: 101
How do you over winter strawberries?

I have about 20 strawberry plants that I grew from a mother plant then separated from the mother plant towards the end of summer. They’re in small 10cm pots.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,976
    I don't do anything with them.  I leave them in the pots they're in. Even in small pots they survive pretty much any weather we get here. Rain/hail/frost/ice/snow, even for long periods, doesn't really bother them. 
    You can tuck them against a sheltered house wall if you're worried though. I often put other small plants in among border shrubs for protection, but strawberries in tiny pots, that look dead after winter,  come back when conditions are right.  :)
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