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climbing rose

Had 3 climbing roses delivery from JParkers they sent them on the 16th of Nov I got them on the 22 and put them in a bucket of rain water . Managed to pot them up in some large pots on the 24 but they look very woody will these be ok please.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,426
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    I expect so, although I've never ordered roses from that company... if they were packed properly and wetted before packing, then they would be good for up to 3 weeks in the packaging..  

    6 days in transit is not ideal, and  a proper rose nursery would ensure you got your roses usually by the very next day after despatch...
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  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,465
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    I am not an expert like Marlorena but.
    In the roses section on site they do have a picture of how they should look, a picture of the kind of specimen and wrapped roots. The package does not look huge so no idea of how the roots look in length or cut. Or if they are folded.

    I think in the photo although you cannot see the roots, they look better wrapped than one we ordered from a big rose company. Some moisture retaining something with plastic film wrapped in mesh?
    So maybe they allow for the longer times in transit with better wrappings.
    They state that the roses are two year specimens.

    Kath good luck though if you can take a picture un- pot one, it might be helpful.
    Or describe it more fully. Do you mean roots look woody? As they do tend to. But you should have some finer roots on them too.

    Edit again Kath look here another post with some photos, see the second one one with roots.

  • Thank you Rubytoo after seeing your photo it has put my mind to rest just looking forward to them growing well.
  • It may be worth contacting the supplier and asking if they have a guarantee in case the roses don't show any growth next Spring. Most good Garden Centres offer a guarantee of some sort on the roses they sell and their rose suppliers will offer the same to them as a rule.
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  • Good advice Yorkshire rose will do.
  • Rubytoo, The stems look woody where they have been cut but your second photo looks the same. Thanks for your help.
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,465
    You are welcome Kath, but the link is to someone elses  pictures on here :) Good timing on their part.
    Are the woody stems looking green?
    If you can cut a little bit of stem or scratch a little bit of bark off to see if they are green and alive underneath that will hopefully help you to tell.

    I hope your roses do well, I have not bought anything from Parkers for many many years. But when I did receive a faulty item they sent a new one no quibbles , did not even have to return the old one. Yorkshirerose makes a good point.
    Lets hope there won't be any need . Good Luck

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