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Suggestions please.  I need a couple of climbing roses which will flower on a north facing wall.  Preferably not white.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,631
    How big do they need to get?

    I grew a Guinée up a northfacing wall until it got frozen to death in a freak -32C.  Deep red flowers, great perfume and good reach.   After changing the soil, I replaced it with a  Falstaff - only 3m reach at best but good, rich red flowers and perfume.   

    Golden Showers is supposed to be a good yellow climber for north facing walls and I think Malvern Hills, a repeat flowering rambler, would also do well but you really need @Marlorena as she grows lots of roses and knows far more varieties than I do.
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    Read this thread, lots of good suggestions in here - and photos courtesy of @Marlorena and others.

    most of the varities mentioned would be suitable North Facing
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  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,331

    You should just pick out which roses appeal to you, allowing for colour choices and height requirements - only you know that - and then get back to us and some here might be able to give you more details, but any climbing rose will flower reasonably well on a north wall, more so during May/June and later,  it's not a problem providing there are no overhanging trees shading it out...   but always know that they will flower better with more sun... 

    It's only the more tender weak growers that you wouldn't put there, and I doubt you would want any of those really..

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  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,584

    I have a yellow rose, The Pilgrim, growing on a north east wall.

    Zephirine-drouhin, bright pink, grows in shade. It is almost thornless and smells lovely but some people find it is not very disease resistant.

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  • Lots of suggestions.  Thanks very much.
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