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Wildflower mix

Janie BJanie B Posts: 957
I've just lifted all my dahlias from my erstwhile "dahlia patch" as, although they kept coming back, some were just getting too big, and, hey, I fancied a change. Anyway, I now have a bare triangle of bed (west facing, pretty heavy soil, but has been lightened with manure). I have planted loads of tulips in there for cutting next spring, but thought that after the tulips I may sow a wildflower mix of seeds to welcome the pollinators. Can anyone recommend a wildflower seeds mix retailer? Many thanks, Janie


  • I noticed that Suttons seed catalogue has a wild flower mix of seeds for sale - they send out catalogues or you can pick one up at a good Garden Centre. Most garden centres sell packets of seeds and will have a good mix for you to try.
    I am all for wild flower planting - we have joined out local pollination group here - they are so helpful and if you have one in your area they may be able to supply some seed for you - or alternatively talk to your local bee keeping group who may also have some suggestions.
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,146
    Janie B
    Believe it or not , I've found Home Bargains Wildflower Mix at around 2.99 per box as good as anyone elses .
    A good all round mixture of species : why pay more ?
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