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Prunning an established acer

My acer has now shed all of its leaves, its a well established tree and thrives well in a west facing front garden. It has reached an approximate height of about 8ft it has developed into a v shape of two trunks of similar circumference, one trunk is vertical and the other is at an angle.
 I am planning to cut that part of the Acer off that is at an angle. I would very much appreciate comments on this, I aim to carry out this operation in the next few weeks when the tree should be dormant.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,146
    The RHS advises that Japanese maples are best not pruned very much as you risk spoiling their shape but that, if you must, now is the best time to do it while the plant is dormant and less likely to bleed.   Have a look a this info.  Scroll down to the pruning section -

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    It's a pity it hadn't been pruned a bit sooner to avoid an imbalance, but it's certainly a good time of year to tackle it.
    They make good bonsai specimens, so they don't mind a good bit of tweaking, and it's good  to have a pruning regime [where needed]  from early on with a 'normal' sized  tree, so that it matures nicely. 
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