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Growing in unheated greenhouse through winter.

Having cleared the  unheated greenhouse I was wondering what I could grow through the winter. I haven't done this before but I have staging to perhaps start seeds and good composted borders . We live in the south east so milder winters ( usually! ). 


  • One possibility is cyclamen. There are many less-common species which are not quite hardy in the UK but fine with some protection. They flower at various times from autumn to spring.

    Another possibility is winter-growing South African bulbs. I have many species, they go dormant in spring so you can tuck them away under the shelving during summer. Possibilities include Ixia, Gladiolus, Hesperantha, Bessera, Ferraria, Moraea, Ornithogalum, Lycoris and Daubenya.
  • Thanks Alan, lots of choice there.
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