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leeks attacked by allium leaf miner

So sad- I just dug up a bed of leeks that have been attacked by allium leaf miner. We have one other bed, but I think that is affected too. From what I have been able to find out on the RHS website, and here in other posts, agricultural fleece works best as prevention.
But I can't find any clear advice about using the fleece in the growing process. Does it need to go on when you plant the seedlings out and then stay on through the whole growing season? Or do you place it over mature plants? I wasn't checking the leeks regularly for pests (more worried about the carrots they were planted with) so I have no idea if this is something that I could have spotted and dealt with earlier. Also, what should I do with the affected plants? Are they safe to put on the compost or should they be kept apart?
I'm wondering too about our garlic plants that are just coming up, should I fleece them now?
So many questions...any advice is welcome! 



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