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Winter greenhouse growing

hello fellow gardeners- As well as overwintering cuttings/seedlings this winter I’ve sown some Komatsuna a type of Pak Choi. Only sowed 10 days ago but already sprouting.  Has anyone else grown them?
Also my ammi majus have got whitefly - they are about 6-8inches so good size. I’ve put them outside - somewhere sheltered - will they be ok?  :#


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    I can't advice on the Pak Choi but Ammi Majus can be left on a warm wall to acclimatise to the colder weather. You could place them altogether into a larger tray and tuck it against a southerly wall to slow the growth down.

    If you have quite well prepared soil, I think you can plant them into the ground. That is a bit of a risk, but if you have no space in a cold frame, that is what I would do. 
  • Thank you borderline - good advice. I don’t want to spray the ammi majus but I’ve got such a lot in the greenhouse and I don’t want whitefly spreading to those plants spreading either. I will find somewhere sheltered. 
  • Delphinium requenii plants looking good :)
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  • I’m excited about those Dove! Very healthy plants! I’ve never grown or seen them before  :) I can’t say the same for the lavender cuttings. One by one they are failing :( 
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,308
    gardeninglily1 I have grown Pak Choi in pots in a blowaway over winter. They grew and cropped enough for my purpose of a few leaves a day. They were not your variety, but they did quite well and it is a fairly partly shaded spot.
    Just found this link here hope it helps, also you look like you have better conditions than me so if they do well in shade hopefully yours will have enough light to mature. Good Luck

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