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Plum tree- is it doomed?

Hi, new gardener here, I bought this plum tree and was rather shocked at how it looked. (Victoria on pixy rootstock) I've complained and asked for a refund but am told by the seller that it will grow despite only having 2 branches! Should I plant it or keep complaining?

Here's also the picture from the website of what I was expecting. (that's not me in the picture!) Many thanks! 


  • that looks like a maiden tree (one year old) not a two year old (which is the bottom picture)
    i would still be asking the company that sold you that why it's not as described,
    however it will grow fine next year, also it sounds crazy, but in May next year remove the lowest branch, that way it will focus all its energy in those little top branches,
    also don't expect a crop for something like 3 years, plums take a while to establish fruiting wood
  • Thank you treehugger80, very helpful. :)
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