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ID three plants from images

jamesharcourtjamesharcourt West SussexPosts: 465
I'd really like to ID these plant varieties from the leaves if anybody could have a shot.  

Acer Palmatum 1 (a dissectum of some sort):

Acer Palmatum 2 (a non dissected leaf):



  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,964
    There are literally hundreds of Japanese Maple cultivars , and I would hate to even hazard a guess ! Good luck with that one .
    The fern looks like Dryopteris affinis 'The King' ; commonly planted in gardens , this cristate form apparently comes true from spores , hence its widespread distribution .
    Sorry can't be more help .
  • 1. Acer palmatum dissectum atropurpurea..a maple with purple cut leaves.
    If grafted it may be a named cultivar of which there are dozens of possibilities.
    2.  Pic not very clear.
    3.  Possibly Dryopteris affinis Cristata The King.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,862
    edited November 2018
    I think the fern is Dryopteris affinis " Cristata the king."  The split ends are quite distinctive.

    1st acer might be Acer palmatum dissectum "Garnet"
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  • jamesharcourtjamesharcourt West SussexPosts: 465
    Thanks folks, appreciate it.  
    The middle green Acer is a bit of a longshot I release that, but if it helps it has quite light green bark and is fairly vigorous for an Acer.
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