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Perennials for Autumn planting...

Janie BJanie B Posts: 948
Is it still ok to plant lupins, astrantia, delphiniums, agapanthus etc even though we are beginning to have early morning frosts...? Will mulch well after planting, but wondered if I should maybe keep them potted up in shed until Spring...


  • I should think it's ok as they are hardy perennials. I have some very young plants in pots outside, grown from seed, and they look fine despite having hard frosts. If you put them indoors you will need to harden them off again before planting outside.

    Many perennials do lose their foliage in winter, so don't panic if they look bare.
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,465
    It depends on the size of the plants, and what kind of soil you have. 

    If I have small plants with a small root ball, (like potted on plugs I got a couple of months ago they are in three inch pots), not big enough to put out in our soil.
    We are on clay so I will leave them in pots to grow on a bit more until spring now.

    But I have a larger heuchera that has a good strong root system, in a five inch pot I will risk putting out in a older well prepared spot, with good drainage.

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