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Hi I'm new to this forum I was given the same plant as this one in a pot for a present in the summer but it had yellow flowers. I've lost the card that came with it. Can you tell me what it is? There are still lots of buds on it but it is no longer opening up. It's probably too cold! Should I bring it indoors? Any tips on looking after it? Ta Marie 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,629
    It's a hibiscus of which there are two kinds and yours in the one that's tender so yes, bring it in and treat it as a houseplant till after the frosts are over next spring and that depends on where you are.   Mine spends its summer on the north facing terrace so it gets sun only early morning and late afternoon but is warm but I brought it in 10 days ago.

    It should flower all through winter if you feed it and keep it in a well lit position and watered but not drowning.   I usually prune mine back quite hard after Xmas to make it bush out again.  The prunings can be cut to 6" long stems with al flower buds and all but the last two leaves removed and then stood in a jar of fresh water.  They will root after a few weeks if you keep the water refreshed every few days.
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