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I am thinking of planting an Euonymus Japonicus Jane Hugues in my border as a single columnar shrub. If left to grow without clipping, what height will it normally reach?. I live in the northwest and my soil is ph7.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    edited October 2018
    Do you mean Euonymus Japonicus Jean Hugues? If so, they are compact upright shrubs that stay very tight. They can grow to around 2 meters in height eventually, but quite slow growing to reach that height.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I have just checked the shrub height again and noticed these shrubs are not like the the usual Japonicus range. Looks like they can only reach around 1-1.2 meters in height.

    If you are looking for something similar looking but want something a bit taller, take a look at Euonymus Japonicus Green Spire. This shrub can reach up to 2 meters. Suitable for all soil types provided planting hole is well prepared.
  • Thank you Borderline. I do want a taller shrub. I will look at Green Spire.
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